Seiko 508GS 12PL Printhead - IRH2533U-2410

Seiko 508GS 12PL Printhead - IRH2533U-2410

This Seiko 508GS 12PL solvent / UV printhead is suitable for a range of printers, including Infiniti printers. The Seiko 508GS is a state of the art grayscale print head with a built-in damper assembly and a nozzle guard. This is the original Seiko part (number IRH2533U-2410).

Product Specifications  

    Active Print Width: 72mm
    Nozzles: 508
    Nozzle Plate: Non-Wetting
    Physical resolution: 180 dpi
    Firing Frequency: 18 kHz (and multiples)
    Drop Volume: multiple of 12pl (up to 7 drops)
    Ink type: Solvent and UV

Printer compatibility
CrystalJet 6000 Series
Crystek X5300
Forni HS1804
Icontek TW-1800J3
Icontek TW-3308HG
Icontek TW-3200F3
Icontek TW-3308MG
Infiniti Challenger FY-3208GS
Infiniti Challenger FY-3208T
Infiniti Challenger FY-3266T
Infiniti Challenger FY-3286T
Kerajet K700
Leyenda 1800T3
Leyenda 3200F3
Nuocai NC-SPT2531
OraJet J18

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