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XAAR 126/35 126/50 126/80 Printhead For Solvent Printer

Xaar UV Flat printer spare parts 126 print head 1001 XJ126/80 XJ126/50 126/35 print head Xaar 1201 printhead

Original xaar 126/35 80pl printhead for Xaar 126 35 print head Fina 160/250/320 series printer

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Printhead Xaar 1201 Xaar original Printhead Printer Printhead Xaar 1201 Print Head UV flat bed printer/inkjet printer
100% new and Origin Xaar 1201 print head
Original xaar 1201 printhead  For Myjet, Liyu, Witcolor printer

The Xaar 1201 delivers a high print quality superior to other printheads in its class. 8 grey levels at 600 npi give an apparent resolution of better than 1440 dpi.

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Xaar 128/40W Printhead - XP12800009
Original Print Head XAAR 128 40W 40PL XP12800009 for Algotex Rainbow 325/250 / Allsign/Azon UV 1600
Original Xaar 128/40W Printhead - XP12800009

This Light Grey tag Xaar 128/40 W printhead is suitable for a wide range of oil-based, solvent and dye sublimation inks.

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New Xaar Original 1003 GS12C Ceramics Printhead
Original xaar 1003 print head 1003/GS12C printhead

The Xaar 1003 C with High Laydown Technology is the benchmark against which all other single-pass printheads are compared. With its all-round superior

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