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Compatible with a wide range of oil-based, solvent and dye sublimation inks, the Xaar 128 is extensively used across the coding & marking and wide-format graphics industries. It's a consistent and highly flexible inkjet solution for producing eye-catching marketing media. This is original xaar 128 360dpi 40pl print head.

Product Specifications :
    Tag: Dark grey tag
    Active nozzles: 128
    Print swathe width: 17.4 mm
    Nozzle pitch: 137.1 μm
    Nozzle density: 185 npi
    Drop velocity: 6 m/s
    Printhead weight: 15.5 g
    Dimensions: 37.2 x 40.8 x 11.3 mm
    Drop volume: 40 pl
    Typical firing frequency: 8.3 kHz
    Xaar 128 Techical Datasheet here

Printer compatibility :

   Aestrik Inwear S3316XL
   DGI XP-2506D
   DGI XP-2506SX
   DGS Color Xpress CX-3212S
   DGS Color Xpress CX-2504S
   Gongzheng  GZC-3212DP
   Gongzheng  GZC-3216DP
   Gongzheng  GZC-3312
   Gongzheng  GZC-3316
   Gongzheng  GZY-3208DP
   Gongzheng  GZY-3212DP
   Sun Innovations Neo Katran
   Wit-Color 3320T
   Wit-Color Ultra 720
   Wit-Color Ultra 860+ 3312
   Wit-Color Ultra 860+ 3316

Xaar 128/40
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