Ricoh GEN4 7-35PL Printhead - MH2420

Ricoh N220792S Gen4 7PL Printhead

Original Ricoh Gen5S Printhead 7-35pl 4 Channels UV Printhead For Ricoh MH5220

Ricoh Gen5 / 7PL-35PL Printhead, 39cm Long Cable, 50cm Long with The Head

The Ricoh GEN4 MH2420 printhead is suitable for a range of aqueous, solvent and UV printers. This printhead has an integrated heater and thermistor. This is Ricoh original printhead and it is covered by a manufacturer warranty. This cable including the connector is 44 cm long. The version with short cable has been discontinued. The long cable version is used as an alternative. The printhead comes with hose barb ink inlet that can be removed in. case o-ring sealed ink inlet are required. This printhead corresponds to Ricoh part numbers N220792W, N220792S or N220792E.

Technical Specifications :
- Size: 63 x 62.4 x 16,2 mm (excluding cables)
- Number of Nozzles: 2 x 192 nozzles
- Nozzle Spacing within a row: 0,1693 mm
- Nozzle spacing row to row: 0.529 mm
- Temperature Control: Integrated Heater and Thermistor
- Operator Temperature range: Up to 60° C
- Drop Volume Range: Binary mode: 7pl / Grey-scale mode: 7-35 pl
- Jetting Frequency: Up to 30 kHZ
- Surface tension: 28-35nM/m
- Viscosity range: 10-12 mPas
- Grey scale: 4 levels
- Number of ink ports: 2 x dual
- Life: 100 billion actuations per nozzle

Printer compatibilityv:

  Anajet mPower
  Anajet MPower MP5i
  Anajet MPower MP10i
  CET Color X-Press 500Q
  Digitex Gunsjet SF-1914
  Digitex Gunsjet SR-1808
  Digitex Gunsjet SR-2508
  Digitex Gunsjet SR-3208
  Digitex Gunsjet UF4547
  Durst Omega 1
  Durst Omega 2
  DYSS Apollo GF2616-08F
  DYSS Apollo GF2616-10FFW
  DYSS Apollo GF2616-10FRW
  DYSS Apollo GF2616-12F
  DYSS Apollo GF2616-12S
  DYSS Apollo GF2616-14SFW
  DYSS Apollo GF2616-14SRW
  DYSS Apollo GF2616-16F
  DYSS Apollo GF2616-16SFWFV
  DYSS Apollo GF2616-16SRWRV
  DYSS Apollo GH1600-08F
  DYSS Apollo GH1600-08SF
  DYSS Apollo GH1600-08SR
  DYSS Apollo GH1600-10FM
  DYSS Apollo GH1600-12S
  DYSS Apollo GH1600-12SFWFV
  DYSS Apollo GH2200-08F
  DYSS Apollo GH2200-08SF
  DYSS Apollo GH2200-08SR
  DYSS Apollo GH2200-10FM
  DYSS Apollo GH2200-12S
  DYSS Apollo GH2200-16SFWFV
  DYSS Apollo GH2600-08F
  DYSS Apollo GH2600-08SF
  DYSS Apollo GH2600-08SR
  DYSS Apollo GH2600-10FM
  DYSS Apollo GH2600-12S
  DYSS Apollo GH2600-12SFWFV
  Gandy Digital Domin8tor

Ricoh GEN4 7-35PL
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