Original spt508gs 12pl printhead for seiko spt 508gs printer

New and Original for Seiko SPT 508GS 12pl Eco Solvent Print Head

Water based SPT508GS printhead Seiko SPT508GS printhead for Seiko 508GS 12pl

Product Specifications :
    Active Print Width: 72mm
    Nozzles: 508
    Nozzle Plate: Non-Wetting
    Physical resolution: 180 dpi
    Firing Frequency: 18 kHz (and multiples)
    Drop Volume: multiple of 12pl (up to 7 drops)
    Ink type: Solvent and UV

Printer compatibility :

  CrystalJet 6000 Series
  Crystek X5300
  Forni HS1804
  Icontek TW-1800J3
  Icontek TW-3308HG
  Icontek TW-3200F3
  Icontek TW-3308MG
  Infiniti Challenger FY-3208GS
  Infiniti Challenger FY-3208T
  Infiniti Challenger FY-3266T
  Infiniti Challenger FY-3286T
  Kerajet K700
  Leyenda 1800T3
  Leyenda 3200F3
  Nuocai NC-SPT2531
  OraJet J18

Seiko 508GS 12PL
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