Seiko IRH2513N-2210 Inkjet Head, MW for Seiko Colorpainter M-64s Series.

ColorPainter M-64s Inkjet Head, MW - U00130650601

IRH2513N-2210 Printhead For CS6407, CS6410, JS BT-180, ColorPainter M-64s

Seiko ColorPainter M-64s Inkjet Head, MW - U00130650601

This Seiko Printhead M-64s M + W (IRH2513N-2210) is suitable for Seiko Colorpainter  printers. This is the original Seiko pn U00130650601 replacing U00130650600

Product Specifications :
    Active Print Width: 72mm
    Nozzles: 508
    Nozzle Plate: Non-Wetting
    Physical resolution: 180 dpi
    Firing Frequency: 18 kHz (and multiples)
    Drop Volume: multiple of 12pl (up to 7 drops)

Printer compatibility :

   Canon Océ CS6407
   Canon Océ CS6410
   Ftex JS BT-180
   Oki ColorPainter M-64s

Seiko IRH2513N-2210
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