Epson DX4 Eco Solvent Printhead

Epson 1000002201 DX4 Solvent Printhead

100% Original and New Epson DX4 Eco Solvent Printhead

Dx4 Print Head Original Eco Solvent Dx4 Printhead For Epson

Original For Epson DX4 Printhead For Epson For Roland DX4 Eco Solvent Print head

Original Eco Solvent and Water Based DX4 Print Head for Roland Mutoh Mimaki Printer
Original Printhead For Epson DX4 Eco Solvent Printhead For Roland Mimaki Mutoh

The Epson DX4 (fourth generation micro-piezo printhead) has a typical firing frequency of 8 kHz, a minimum droplet size of 3,5 pico litre and is used for either 1 colour through both channels or 2 colours through the independent channels.

The Epson DX4 solvent printhead is used for a wide range of eco-solvent and mild solvent wide format printing applications. This is the original Epson DX4 solvent printhead (Roland part number 1000002201 / 22805470 / 6000005213, Mutoh part number DF-49684 / DG-42386, Mimaki part number M004905), delivered in a sealed Roland original package.

This print head is compatible with a wide range of printers as specified in the printer compatibility.

Product Specifications :

    Technology: Micro-Piezo
    Native resolution: 360 dpi
    Min. Droplet Size: 3,5 pico litre
    Tot. Amount of Nozzles: 360 (2 lines x 180 nozzles)
    Firing Frequency: 8 kHz
    Ink Compatibility: eco-solvent and mild solvent

Compatilibity Printhead :

Canon Océ CS9265
Canon Océ CS9290
Canon Océ CS9065
Canon Océ CS9090
   Mimaki JV3-130S
   Mimaki JV3-130SL
   Mimaki JV3-130SP II
   Mimaki JV3-160S
   Mimaki JV3-160SP
   Mimaki JV3-250SP
   Mimaki JV3-75SP II
   Mimaki TX2-1600
Mutoh Blizzard 65
Mutoh Blizzard 90
Mutoh Rockhopper 3 65
Mutoh Rockhopper 3 90
Mutoh Rockhopper 3 Extreme 65
Mutoh Rockhopper 3 Extreme 90
Mutoh Rockhopper II 50
Mutoh Rockhopper II 64
Mutoh Rockhopper II 87
Mutoh Rockhopper II k Plus
Mutoh Rockhopper II-2H
Mutoh Rockhopper II-4H
Mutoh Spitfire 100 Extreme
Mutoh Spitfire 65
Mutoh Spitfire 90
Mutoh Valuejet 2606
   Roland CJ-540
   Roland FJ-540
   Roland FJ-640
   Roland FJ-740
   Roland FP-740
   Roland LEC-300
   Roland LEC-330
   Roland LEC-540
   Roland LEF-12
   Roland LEF-20
   Roland LEJ-640
   Roland RS-540
   Roland RS-640
   Roland SC-540
   Roland SC-545ex
   Roland SJ-1000
   Roland SJ-1045ex
   Roland SJ-540
   Roland SJ-640
   Roland SJ-645ex
   Roland SJ-740
   Roland SJ-745ex
   Roland SP-300
   Roland SP-300i
   Roland SP-300v
   Roland SP-540i
   Roland SP-540v
   Roland VP-300
   Roland VP-300i
   Roland VP-540
   Roland VP-540i
   Roland XC-540
   Roland XC-540mt
   Roland XJ-540
   Roland XJ-640
   Roland XJ-740
   Roland LEF-300
   Roland LEF-12i
   Roland LEF-200
Uniform Cadet
Uniform Cadet Plus
Uniform Fusilier
   Xerox 8265
   Xerox 8365
   Xerox 8290
   Xerox 8390

DX4 Solvent
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