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Jetbest eco solvent Ink 8 cartridge for Mutoh 1628, 1638, 2638

Using a proprietary technology, JETBEST inks are formulated to ensure stability and provide performance that is parallel to that of OEM inks. With a formula that renders our inks 100% compatible, you can continue printing with ease. Our formula allows you to Plug and Play. Use our inks alongside OEM inks without the need for extra steps. Our eco solvent inks will exceed expectations and provide you with a print that has excellent durability.

This purchase includes :

8 JETBEST 500ML premium eco solvent ink, 2C, 2M, 2Y, 2K

8 Smart Cards, 2C, 2M, 2Y, 2K

8 empty refillable cartridge with smart card insert

Compatible Printers:

Mutoh Valuejet 1628, 1638, 2638 and X (Four colors x 2)

eco solvent Ink 8 cartridge
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