Mimaki JV5 / JV33 Printhead Original- M007947
Mimaki JV33 / JV5 Print Head with memory board - M007947
Mimaki JV33 Printhead 1440Dpi Green Connector DX5 Printhead

This original Mimaki JV33/JV5 printhead is suitable for the Mimaki solvent CJV / JV printer series. The Mimaki JV33/JV5 printhead has a native resolution of 1440dpi

This generation of printheads allows fast speed, high resolution printing with eco-solvent and mild solvent inks. The original and complete Mimaki JV33/JV5 printhead is delivered with the Head ID and the Head Memory Board. Mimaki part number for this print head is M007947.

Product Specifications :

    Technology: Micro-Piezo
    Native resolution: 1440 dpi
    Min. Droplet Size: 1.5 pico litre
    Max. Droplet Size: 21 pico litre
    Tot. Amount of Nozzles: 1440 (8 lines x 180 nozzles)
    Firing Frequency: 8 kHz
    Ink Compatibility: eco-solvent and mild solvent

Printer compatibility :

   Mimaki CJV30-100
   Mimaki CJV30-100BS
   Mimaki CJV30-130
   Mimaki CJV30-130BS
   Mimaki CJV30-160
   Mimaki CJV30-160BS
   Mimaki CJV30-60
   Mimaki CJV30-60BS
   Mimaki JV33-130
   Mimaki JV33-130BS
   Mimaki JV33-160
   Mimaki JV33-160BS
   Mimaki JV33-260
   Mimaki JV33-260BS
   Mimaki JV5-130S
   Mimaki JV5-160S
   Mimaki JV5-260S
   Mimaki JV5-320DS
   Mimaki JV5-320S
   Mimaki TPC-1000
   Mimaki TS3-1600
   Mimaki TS5-1600AMF

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Lei tan 01/27/2022

Original Printhead

Fast delivery

Lei tan 01/27/2022

Original Printhead

Fast delivery

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