Original Seiko SPT1020 35PL Printhead for Digital Inkjet Solvent/UV Printers

printer spare parts Zhongye Seiko printhead printer spt 1020 printhead Seiko 1020 35pl print head

Refurbished printhead Made in Japan Original Seiko SPT 1020 35pl printhead for digital inkjet solvent printers

Original and new SPT1020 35PL Printhead for Infiniti SID challenger Phaeton Iconteck Printer SPT 1020 head
The Seiko SPT1020 printhead offers high-resolution and high-speed with 1020 nozzles and 35pl. It features a fast firing frequency and high precision combined with a long useable life. This original print head is used on a grand format digital printers.
SPT 1020 35pl eco solvent printer printhead for infiniti 3266

Technical Specifications :

   Active nozzles: 1020
   Nozzle density: 185 npi
   Print swathe width: 71.9 mm
   Native resolution: 360 dpi
   Max. Resolution: 720 dpi
   Firing frequency: 6.46 or 8.29 Khz
   Drop Size: 35 pl

Printer compatibility :

  Icontek M5
  Icontek M7
  Icontek TW-3306FB
  Icontek TW-3306FD
  Icontek TW-3306FZ
  Icontek TW-3306HB
  Icontek TW-3308FB
  Icontek TW-3308FD
  Icontek TW-3308FZ
  Icontek TW-3308HB
  Icontek TW-5308FZ
  Icontek TW-3308RS
  Icontek TW-3304XB
  Icontek TW-3306X
  Icontek TW-3308MB
  Icontek TW-3200F3
  Infiniti Challenger FY-3208GS
  Infiniti Challenger FY-5008GS
  Infiniti Challenger FY-UV2508S

Seiko SPT-1020 / 35PL
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