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Intermec 062705S-001 OEM Thermal Printhead EasyCoder 3240, 2.5 inch, 406 dpi
Print head contained in this printer machine serves as a device for scraping ink on paper during the printing process. So, this print head is a part of the printer that functions as a place for the ink to come out before it reaches the printed paper

A print head is a printing element, as a disc or thimble, on a computer printer. Print head digital printing machines that we offer are already with the latest digital printing machine technology following the development of technology that is going very fast. At present, we provide our digital printing machines with a variety of quality brands

Intermec is a trusted global provider of industrial printer, desktop printers and portable printers. With barcode label printers that print both direct thermal and thermal transfer, Intermec has the thermal printers to fit your needs. Not only does Intermec have the printers, but they also have a full line of thermal transfer labels and direct thermal labels to fit any application within industrial, corporate, or enterprise environments.
Brand: Intermec

Printer Model: Easy Coder 3240 2.5 inch

Printer Resolution: 406 dpi

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