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Kyocera KJ4A-AA UV Inkjet Printheads

New Original Kyocera KJ4A-AA UV Inkjet Printheads

Original Kyocera KJ4A AA Printhead - (600 dpi - 20KHz) Use For UV ink

Original Kyocera Inkjet Printhead KJ4A-AA Kyocera Print Head

The KJ4A-AA printhead Series is designed for UV-curable inks or other high viscosity inks. It is optimal for Label/Packaging, Sign Graphics, Offset Surprint and others. It is a 600dpi one colour printhead with a maximum drive frequency of 20kHz. It delivers high quality with a small drop volume of 3pl at 50 m/min by making use of 2,656 nozzles arranged across 108.25 mm wide print swathe.
The Kyocera KJ4A-AA is equipped with internal filters that eliminate foreign objects in ink and an internal heater that adjusts the impact of external temperatures. It’s unique ink channel design provides a stable ink supply.

Printer compatibility :

   Dilli NEO SUN HB 2504D-W2XL

Kyocera KJ4A-AA printhead
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